www.csr.ie was founded in 2010 with the intention of bringing a new approach to securing Work & Emigration Visa's for those wanting to start a new life or secure a new exciting career or indeed education. At CSR we specialize in finding for our Asian clients, new opportunities in Europe , Canada and North America. Our team of consultants can though their vast combined knowledge and experience  greatly increase your chances of securing that new opportunity you have been looking for. 'Carpe Diem'...Sieze the day.....Sieze the moment and email us now or phone us using our contact page for more information today.  We are waiting to make your dreamed of new life become a reality 

Asraful Islam, 22 

Arafat Hossain, 25  

 Once I asked the team at www.csr.ie, for their help there was no need to worry about the immigration process. I felt welcome and in good hands. ”

Going abroad to study by myself could have been very stressful. Luckily, www.csr.ie and its team was my family away from home and helped me to take care of everything. 

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  Peter Varela, 43  

My wife and I were forced to immigrate. We used Team CSR's services because we had no second chances and needed the assistance of the best consultant. 

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