Work Permits  
"Far and away the best prize that life offers is the chance to work hard at work worth doing. "  Hasan Mohammad Olid
We have secured hundreds of work permits for our clients and we can help you secure a valuable work permit in a job which often pays many multiples more than you are currently earning. Each country has different legal requirements and our consultants can assist you navigating through the often difficult and challenging paperwork and documentary requirements. Let us talk together now to decide whats best for you. 
 Student Visas 
Ireland and the EU have some of the best educational establishments in the world. A qualification from an Irish or EU based Third Level institution can be a pathway towards a rewarding career. However the application and vetting process can be challenging. Let us help you travel the best road to your new education. Contact us today! 
 Citizenship Application 
Becoming a citizen of a Western Nation can change your life completely. Citizenship of a first world nation can improve your life circumstances immeasurably for your, your spouse and your family members . and it's team of consultants can improve your chances of securing citizenship in the country of your choice by helping you understand the entry requirement and by assisting you to present the best possible side of you through the application process. Phone or email us today to begin this process 
 Interview Preparation 
"It is never too late to be what you might have been."  —George Eliot
An interview is an opportunity to sell your self, sell the new you, the person that any team would you to be part of. A positive interview technique can secure you that new start that you have been waiting for. Having conducted thousands of interviews the combined experience at can transform your interviews into opportunities for you to win that job, close that deal and get the rewards you justly deserve. Reach out to us today. 
 Family Sponsorship 
Sponsorship Programmes can  reunite families by enabling adult permanent residents or citizens of a First World country to sponsor a relative for immigration to first World Countries. To be eligible, typically the person seeking sponsorship must be a: Spouse, common-law or conjugal partner or dependent child. has the latest information for you on the Sponsorship requirements for most of the First World Countries. Reach out to us today and let the journey begin 
 Extension Of Status 
People visit first World Countries for many different reasons, such as tourism, starting a business venture or visiting family members and friends. While you are in these countries. your circumstances may change and you may want to extend your stay because of a sick family member, or change your non immigrant status because you are accepted to a university, or adjust your status from a non immigrant (temporary) status to an immigrant (permanent) status.  There are different procedures you must follow depending on whether you want to extend your stay, change your non immigrant status or adjust from temporary non immigrant status to permanent immigrant status. and its consultants can make these inquires for you and help you make the best informed decision. Reach out to us in total confidence 

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